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Hackers Day Haryana is the Official Chapter of Hackers Day.


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Hackers Day Haryana is an Open Non-Profitable Information Security Community For Promoting, Demonstrating & Spreading Awareness Regarding the Field of Information Security. The main motive to establish this community is to Establish a Platform for Talented Security Researchers to Showcase their Skills & to Spread Awareness about the real insights of Hacking and Security. Hackers Day is a Unique event, where the Best Brains in Information Security and Leaders in Cyber Security world and the Cyber Society along with Government Officials on cyber Security meet to join their efforts Offensively or defensively to cooperate in Addressing the most assessed topics in the field of Information Security. This Community seeks to bring together the brightest mind within the information Security industry and the digital underground. Hackers Day will showcase cutting Edge Tools, Techniques and Methodologies that are at the forefront of the global Threat landscape. The Hackers Day Haryana conference is a platform for Security Analysts, Ethical Hackers, Professionals, Business men and students to present their technical knowledge and to showcase their skills.